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Dating is a tiring process. And a judgmental one. You go out with a Tinder person who very possibly might be catfishing you, or might be incredibly annoying. And vice versa, if you end up being into someone, they might be feeling the opposite, and ghost your ass on the second date. So to cope on that first date, people have come up with some little white lies to make themselves look better, or to gently let the other person down.



1. Lying about not going on many dates, or telling someone that they’re the first one you’ve talked to on this app. Essentially, any line that sounds close to, “I don’t do this often”.


2. Saying you have an early morning or a busy weekend. Nope, just want to get out of there so you can do something less boring like hang out with your cat and watch TV.


3. Saying you’re full at a restaurant, or ordering something that you don’t really want to eat. The sad and unfulfilling feeling of eating only a salad when you’re actually in the mood for some lobster and tiramisu.
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4. Pretending that you don’t kiss on the first date. Maybe it’s to play coy because you really like a guy, or maybe it’s because you don’t want to kiss him at all.


5. Explaining your delay with the excuse that the train took a super long time, or there was a ton of traffic. Instead, you were actually taking a selfie with your roommate and debating if you should come meet this Tinder guy at the bar or not.


6. Exaggerating your job a little bit to make it seem less lame – nothing wrong with a slight embellishment on that job and how happy it makes you.

7. About how recently you broke up with your ex and why. Be it a few weeks or a few months, you probably say it’s a year. Because you want them to know that you’re ready, and you don’t tell them how because you don’t want them to think that you’re bitter, or crazy.


8. When he tells you he’s not cold and offers you his hoodie or jacket. He’s actually freezing his ass off, but he’s into you and is willing to get a cold in order to warm you up.


9. About how much you primped for that date. Of course it’s sexy to have the guy thinking you rolled out of bed that way – little did he know you spent hours mulling over those outfits, that hairstyle, and your makeup.
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10. About googling and social media stalking. Obviously when they tell you aspects about their life that you already creepily know, you have to feign a look of surprise, when you already googled the shit out of them to make sure they weren’t a serial killer.


11. About being a fan of sports. You don’t want him to know that you hate it, and just nod and fake interest when he tells you about it.

12. About being more low maintenance than you really are, and your level of chill. As girls, we can all have our no-chill moments, and justifiably so, but you want to seem like you’re cooler and show off your fun side – like your fun meter is hard over to the positive reading; yup, lighthearted and FUN all the way…*side eye*


13. About how close you are with family. Talking about family drama on a first date ain’t cute! So you might fib about it a little bit.


14. About how much you hate people, and how much of a homebody you are. You want him to think that you’re glamorous and go out, showing off a playful energy the whole time. JK, you grumble in the street like an old lady and prefer to be in your onesie watching Sex and the City.
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15. Age. Both guys and girls can be found guilty of this white lie. It’s natural, in a society that puts so much value and pressure on the concept of youth, to not want the other person to judge you based on your age.


16. Your general level of cheeriness as a human being, and not bitching about what a bad day you might have had or what a bad mood you’re in. No one wants to be around a downer who just spends all their time whining and bitching about the things in their life that aren’t perfect.
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