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Little Fashionistas - Winter Trends

Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsAll of us used to get dressed up in our parents’ clothes just for fun in our childhood, but now there is a wide range of fashionable clothes for kids in their own size. Nowadays we see stylish children who dress like their parents more frequently. The younger generation is so fashionable that sometimes we can’t even compete with them. But let’s be real, it’s not that kids dress better, it’s the parents who have a taste and desire to take care of this issue. As the fall season comes to an end every parent should consider winter trends to make their kids look snazzy and comfy. So get a leg up on winter trends for your little fashionistas.

Colors - Little Fashionistas - Winter Trends 1Colors
Winter brings us all new trends with a palette of new colors. Color is an essential element of kids’ wardrobes. Notice that popular colors are all but fall-ish! You can opt for harvest gold, navy, pastel and their various combos.

Quilted jackets - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsQuilted jackets
Quilted jacket is a winter essential your child will wear throughout the season. It’ll keep your kid warm yet will look classy. Rest assured that your kid will appreciate a bold floral- print jacket. Apparently parkas are in fashion as well, so don’t hesitate to buy this warm and cozy fashion item.

50's inspired floral - Little Fashionistas - Winter Trends50’s inspired floral
By the way there is also a trend of winter florals where the background is darker and floral prints are more vivid. Even if the summer is over floral patterns continue to gain popularity. You’ll never fail dressing your kid in floral dress or whatever floral you wish, in case of some special occasion.

Animal prints - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsAnimal prints
We are all aware of the animal prints boom, so don’t hesitate to dress your offspring for the weather in a leopard-print shirt, or maybe a zebra- print sweatshirt or animal print leggings. If you are not completely ready for this trend, try to play up your kid’s look with animal-print accessories like belts, scarves, gloves, hats or boots. Nevertheless, don’t go too far, ’cause this trend can easily begin to look messy.

Fur - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsFur
You definitely have to be on the hunt for faux fur to add this hot trend to your kid’s winter wardrobe. Shaggy sheepskin, usually fake, is also getting really voguish. So make sure there is a fur hat, coat, bag or hoody in your baby girl’s wardrobe.

Knitwear - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsKnitwear
Knitted items stay in style for this season as well. You are bound to purchase warm jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and beanies for your precious youngster. Not only are they classy and trendy, but also warm and snug for the season. You can opt for free knit as well as diverse rhombus, cones and stripes.

Tops - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsTops
Tops are a must-have and it’s better to have a few in various colors, such as red, green, navy, white or gray for both boys and girls. Stripes of different colors combined with white always look classy.

Combine contrasting colors - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsCombine contrasting colors
When you are thinking about your small fry’s outfit, try to consider the latest fashion direction for children’s clothes.
It’s no longer in vogue dressing your kid in a palette of one color, it’s time to mix contrasting colors. Every parent without a doubt loves being able to use the child’s most favorite clothes year-round, especially when talking about the school season. Bold colors that are in trend this year work especially blues, reds and purples.

Boots - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsBoots
Speaking about boots, fashion is not the first thing to think about. Winter boots should keep your youngster’s feet warm and dry. But your child needs to want to wear the very boots you’ve chosen. They too must look casual yet smart. Of course you can follow the latest trends but don’t forget that classics are always stylish.

Accessories - Little Fashionistas - Winter TrendsAccessories
As every parent knows, no outfit is complete without good looking, coordinated accessories. The hottest trend of the season is the message jewelry, you can opt for the SMILE necklace, the LOVE necklace or other “messages” you may find on the shelves of your local mall. Yes, you got me right, it is all about bling. Your little ones can’t wait to check what accessories you have in store for them. Moms of the young Fashionista should be looking for hair accessories with diamonds and crystals; flourish diadems; cute bracelets, bold watches and other bling bling stuff. Funny bright hats with ears, pom-poms, tags or message hats won’t make your kid complain anymore about putting these fashion items on.

Though sometimes it’s better to wait until winter season begins so your son or daughter can see what their friends are wearing. And then it’s time to become the best mom on the block and let your kids reveal their personalities in style the way they want to.

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