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MacGyver The Dog-Sized Lizard Is The New Cool Pet On The Block 》

is becoming quite trendy. People choose to have raccoons, hedgehogs, capybaras, fennec foxes, bearded dragons and even chimpanzees and other exotic animals as pets. And the famous pet we want to tell you about today is also quite a unique one.


Meet MacGyver, the famous lizard. He’s not a regular lizard though, he’s an Argentine red tegu lizard who lives in California. We think he might be the most famous living lizard in the world and is basically a reptile celebrity. MacGyver has an Instagram account with over 160k followers, a Youtube channel and even a LinkedIn account. Despite his looks and the first impression you might have of him, he’s actually a very friendly pet and loves cuddles. Whether you’d be willing to cuddle him or not is besides the point, but he definitely enjoys giving and receiving cuddles, which you can see in multiple videos on his social media.


If you’re still unsure about MacGyver and whether having a big lizard as a pet is something you’re interested in, we encourage you to keep scrolling and take a look at pictures and videos of him eating, walking, playing and even cuddling. We guarantee, before you know it you’ll love MacGyver.



1. MacGyver is so friendly he’s willing to give rides to his smaller lizard friends.



2. He will clean your glasses for you, no problem.



3. The big lizard loves taking selfies, and you’ve got to admit his selfies are better than yours.



4. He also loves taking baths. As long as you join him.



5. He’ll even give you sweet kisses.



6. MacGyver is very popular with the kids.

7. And he’s got a few dog friends too.



8. But what he likes most is taking naps. He’ll sleep anywhere, even on top of your head.



9. Chill’in’ like a villain.



10. He loves munching on some yummy fish.



11. Or some sweet snacks. He’s not picky.



12. All in all, he’s a great friend to anyone. So you know, follow him on Instagram and maybe one day you’ll get yourself your own big lizard.

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