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The Ultimate Lip Color To Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign 》

Listen it’s pretty clear that the astrology trend is here to stay. These days it seems like horoscopes and Zodiac signs can literally tell you everything about your life, you character and what you should not or should do. Not only can you figure out what’s your dream job based on your Zodiac sign, but you can also find out who you should be friends with, who to date, what kind of vacation to go for and what to wear. Honestly, picking makeup based on your Zodiac sign seems pretty innocent at this point, so why not?



Aries is a very confident sign, people born under this sign are usually born leaders. They’re rather feisty too. They’re not afraid of taking risks. If there’s a person who can easily pull off a bold black lip – it’s Aries.



Taurus is an earth sign so we think earthy tones suit it best. They’re generally quite practical in their approach to life and they’re dependable, you can always trust them to have your back. We think an earthy brown lipstick will suit them well, or a metallic brown for special occasions.


Gemini are very young at heart, they tend to not lose that youthfulness and childlike curiosity throughout their life. They’re charming and kind and caring too, so we think baby pink would suit them the best.



Cancers are elegant people. They would never go for a bold lips because it’s just not in their nature to make a scene. They’re intelligent and elegant so we think a pinky nude lipstick, close to their actual lip color – is the best color for them.


There’s a reason lions are kings of the jungle. Leos are very confident, they can basically pull off anything they want. They’re also quite creative and optimistic. We think a metallic gold would be the best match for Leos.



Virgos are very smart people, they’re also very neat. They like things to be in order and they keep it that way. They can also be quite shy, so we think a subtle nude colored lipstick would be perfect for a Virgo.


Libras are unpredictable. They can be calm and sensitive one day and bold and daring the other day. They don’t mind being the center of attention, as long as they’re feeling confident and funny that day. So for their confident days we suggest lots of glitter.



Scorpios are very passionate people, both in their career and in their love life. Scorpios are also very loyal. They’re ruled by their heart and their emotions, so we think a sexy red lip would suit them the best.


Sagittarius people tend to be very friendly and easy going. They’re pretty selfless and are always ready to help out a friend or an acquaintance. They trust people easily and enthusiastic about life and what adventures it might bring them. We think a purple lip is a good fit for them.



Capricorns are creative and ambitious people. They set themselves high goals and they’re driven enough to actually reach them. For them the sky is the limit, they firmly believe everything is possible with hard work and determination, they’re quite unique in that way. We think a white lipstick is a great way to show off that uniqueness.


You’re rebellious, independent and quite energetic so you need a lipstick that shows that. We suggest turquoise lipstick, because it’ll show off your rebellious spirit and also compliment your water sign. You can also go for the gradient effect with green and blue.



Pisces are gentle and sensitive souls. They also have a very vivid imagination so they can get lost in their daydreams and view life through rose colored glasses. We think a nice peachy pink color would be a perfect fit for Pisces.

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