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There’s a lot of questionable hipsters doing questionable things out there. The idea of the hipster itself has become such a caricature of itself, that it is hard for us to take people seriously, sometimes. For instance, this forager and Bon Iver inspired wedding that both gives us all the I’m-going-to-be-alone-forever feels, but also makes us roll our eyes so hard we don’t know if they’ll ever turn the right way again. This is literally an indie music video, in the form of a wedding. Does it make you yearn for tradition, or excited that we’re in the age of DIY organic weddings?



1. The couple does look quite adorable and happy, making it just a little bit more difficult to throw shade. But just a little. Is a tie-dyed doula reciting their wedding vows to them right now?
this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-10 this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-11

2. This is pretty much a completely homemade ceremony – it’s beauty was only emphasized by the setting in a Tasmanian forest, providing a lush and verdant natural backdrop that was nature’s own stunning design.
this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-03 this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-04

3. Of course, this DIY wedding is too unique for your boring, standard rice-throwing. So these two harvested their own flowers which their dried themselves. Obviously. This sort of just looks like fancy potpourri being thrown at you, but we’re kind of into it.
this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-01 this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-09

4. Also, these hanging moss bolls are sort of cool (hanging plants are a Pinterest gal’s dream come true, after all). But they also sort of look like animal droppings hanging from the trees. Call me old fashioned, but I’m good with elegant hanging lights for my wedding. Also, smallest wedding reception table ever, with way too many wooden and woven boxes and baskets. Please don’t make us eat root vegetables instead of cake. At least there is beer (which, of course, they home-brewed themselves).
this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-06 this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-13 this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-08

5. Thank goodness. There is still cake. And they look absolutely lovely – straight out of Gwenyth Paltrow blogpost. We’re sure there’s all sorts of vegan and buckwheat situations going on in these cakes, but man are they pretty. Oh, and she baked her own wedding cake! Personally, you couldn’t pay us to slave away over our own cake on our big day, but to each her own, and it looks amazing! Obviously, it was made with wild fennel, caramelized figs, mascarpone, and edible flowers.
this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-05 this-couples-diy-organic-wedding-is-gorgeous-but-eye-roll-worthy-07

6. And they went barefoot on their wedding day. Of course. This is the part we are most into. Soaking our toes in that cool water instead of being shoved into stilettos that are hidden under a hideous tulle dress? Check. His man-bun and gauges go great with her Free People inspired Alice McCall dress – it’s a match made in heaven.

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