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This IG Celebrates Rose Braids In The Best Way 》

Braids are a girl’s best friend. They’re perfect for an easy bad hair day fix, buying you an extra day before you wash it, and of course, being the most elegant up-do that we come back to time after time. This IG account is a tribute to braids – but don’t expect to mimic these works of art anytime soon!



While the account is called “braided and blond”, braid artist Alison Valsamis rocks her up-dos in a variety of colors. Our favorite would have to be her take on a rose style.



The way the designs are curled up, they almost look like a bouquet of pink roses artfully placed on the back of her head. We’ll take this style over a dozen roses any day. The ultimate Valentine’s Day look, perhaps?

She can even braid the perfect ponytail. One wonders: does it take hours for Alison to undo her masterpiece? Nope, because most of her styles are done on wigs, so she can even keep her masterpieces for later instead of unravelling them.

We think these rose ‘dos are the perfect introduction for spring, and we’d love a chance to peek at Alison’s work behind the chair. This cotton candy flower is so sweet we can almost taste it.



Alison’s favorite flower is the peony, and a-lot of her styles look like them. While some of the outside details may look disheveled or loose, they’re meticulously placed to look that way, starting with the outside ring, to smaller braids in the inside and the impeccable center of the bun.

While we’re not sure if she posts tutorials to all of her work, we know that her looks are perfect for a variety of occasions. Anything from a graduation party, to a bridesmaid look will be pretty in pink with these well thought out looks.

While these looks are definitely intricate enough to stand on their own, the added detail of an ornament like the one in this chignon makes these look even more gorgeous, if possible.

This wispy look is Alison’s take on a “messy” look. It’s very soft, from the coloring to the almost halo-esque vibe that will turn an everyday girl into an angel.

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