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This Kitty Travels More Than You Do 》

Most people like traveling, but very few actually do it. They find all sorts of excuses like “I just don’t have the time” or “it’s too expensive to travel”. But the truth is that if you really want to do something you’ll always find a way. And just for an extra dose of inspiration and perhaps a little kick up the butt, take a look at this gorgeous Bengal cat called Suki, that travels with her owner wherever she goes. It looks like this kitty travels more than you do. How does this make you feel? You can follow her adventures on Instagram. And perhaps she’ll make you want to take an impromptu trip as well.



1. Gotta have your own mode of transportation. This cool backpack shuttle works perfectly for me, so I don’t have to get my paws dirty and can enjoy the view while my human walks down a treacherous path to our main destination.



2. See? I’m all about these gorgeous views! Look how stunning everything is.



3. A cheeky little portrait in the grass. These flowers all around me are making me look so cute, I love it.

4. A cabin in the woods doesn’t have to be creepy. This one is just adorable. Look at the fairy lights, the colors, look at me, I’m clearly the best thing in this picture.



5. Am I stranded on a rock or am I just posing for photo? You’ll never know for sure.



6. Hey, human, take a picture of me in front of this gorgeous view. Make me look fierce.



7. She wants cuddles all the time, but I’ve got better things on my mind. I’m constantly on the lookout for some fun and always ready to protect my human.

8. Gotta bring my camera gear for those nice pics. You know, iPhones are fun and all, but to capture such beauty you need a good camera. And by “such beauty” I obviously mean me.



9. See I don’t really love the idea of swimming, but as long as I’m on a boat and not actually in the water – it’s all good.



10. Shotgun! Gotta have the best seat in the car.

11. What a gorgeous sunset. The mountains, the lake, the boats…what is this picture missing? Oh, that’s right – me.



12. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a boat ride and watching all the scenery around, especially if the humans are doing all the work and I just get to enjoy the view.



13. Don’t ask me why she’s topless, I don’t know. But I do like how her skirt matches my fur. The view’s ok too, I guess.



14. Living on the edge, man. Sometimes you gotta overcome your fears to get that perfect shot.

15. Being a cat model is hard work, so I like to relax in the evenings with a nice glass of wine. Don’t judge me.



16. She left me on the rock again to take pictures. I know she’ll come back for me, but it’s a little scary every time.



17. The great thing about being a cat is that I look gorgeous on carpets. When people try this their photos just look tacky.

18. There, let’s go there!



19. I was long overdue for a good portrait. I think this one came out great. I look royal AF.



20. Look how romantic this shot is. We were having such a chill time. Oh, memories.

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