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What Kind of Mom Will You Be – Let Your Zodiac Decide 》

From a very early age girls start thinking about their perfect family and how many kids they want to have. When you see an adorable baby you can’t help but smile and think that you will have one like that one day. Of course you might be completely baby crazy or just leave this until you are ready. In case you are wondering how many kids you should have or what kind of mom you are going to be, let your star sign help you! Your Zodiac can guide you but you are the one to decide.



Aries – Strong mom for many
Impulsive and very strong Aries should be prepared to have many babies. How many is many – you decide! Getting into motherhood will feel like a natural thing to do and all your power and confidence will help manage your kids with ease. Just look at Jennifer Garner, she is definitely a warrior mom!



Taurus – Strict mom of 2
Taurus as a patient and very supportive person will aim to have two kids of a similar age. Two kids would be just right and all the loving and care would be with them. Even though you might be a strict mom you know when to have fun too. Jessica Alba is a great example of serious mom with two wonderful kids.

Gemini – Funky mom for twins
Almost any girl dreams of having twins and who’s the best for it – Gemini. Things will never be boring for sure – very similar and at the same time two very different kids. Looking after two kids at the same time might be challenging but fun as you will have some competition between them. Angie would be a great example here.



Cancer – Loving mom for 2
As a loving mom, Cancer will aim to have two kids several years apart. Being very responsible towards all of your friends, you will be a good mother preferring to spend time with your family most of the time and attentive to your friends the rest of the time. Jessica Simpson appreciates her life with kids and takes time off from fame.

Leo – Roaring mom to 2 or 4
As a strong lioness you will aim to gather your pride. If you think 4 kids are too many, don’t worry – your energy and multi-tasking will keep you going. Jennifer Lopez brings passion and independence into her role as a mother.



Virgo – Lovely mom to 1
Having only one child will mean a great devotion to this life lasting project. Giving all your love and care to just one child will help you to find that balance and order in a Virgo’s life. Jennifer Hudson keeps all her affection for her only child.

Libra – Fair mom to 2 or 4 or 6
Libra likes balance so her perfect family will have kids in even numbers. You can always have even more kids through adoption as you will feel that helping kids and giving them a family will make the world better. Just look at Kim Kardashian, she finds time for her two little wonders.



Scorpio – Individualistic mom of many
Just like a soldier, Scorpio is ready for the battle to protect her kids. To Scorpio, raising a lot of kids is an ideal way to live. Being strong and individualistic helps to make each kid a well-rounded personality. Demi Moore proves that you can have enough affection for all of your kids.

Sagittarius – Daring mom of 1
Sagittarius doesn’t like to sit in one place as adventure calls. Being daring means you want to be on the go and no kids or just one will be perfect for you. As a free spirit, your child will be raised as a citizen of the world. Katie Holmes never stops and takes great care of her daughter.



Capricorn – Wondermom for 3
Being a superhuman, just like Amanda Peet, you can manage your work life and your family very easily. Being actually a fathering sign, Capricorn mom will do daring things with her kids and teach them life.

Aquarius – Flexible mom of 1
Being a bit of a child yourself, you bring joy and love to your parenting. At the same time, you like to make your life a fantasy so having a little wonder will be your dream come true. Just like Christine Lakin, your life will adapt to share your dream with your family.



Pisces – Devoted mom of 4+
Being filled with emotions and ready to start your own fish family, you will not stop with having just one child. The more – the better. Creating a warm and loving environment for your kids will be your life mission.

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