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What People Eat For Breakfast Around The World 》

Each of us has a particular idea of breakfast that’s unique to our surroundings and the community we live in. For some people breakfast means eggs and bacon, for others it might be oatmeal, some will have a smoothie and others will just grab a coffee on their way to work or skip breakfast altogether. What’s interesting is that breakfast looks very different in different countries, so we thought we’d show you what people eat for breakfast around the world and you can compare and contrast. Maybe this will inspire you to change up your breakfast menu.



1. France
French people usually don’t bother with a big breakfast. Instead they opt for a cup of coffee and a pastry of some sort, like a croissant, a pain du chocolate or a tart. Most of the time they don’t even bother making them at home, they just grab one in a patisserie on their way to work.



2. England
A full English breakfast is quite a plateful. It usually consists of poached or scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, bacon, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, and beans. There are some variations that include hash browns or black pudding too. It’s a lot, but eating such a feast in the morning will definitely keep you full until lunchtime.



3. Italy
Italians, much like the French prefer to start their day with a good cup of coffee and something sweet like a pastry or some bread rolls with jam.

4. Spain
In Spain breakfast is the smallest meal of the day, but what a delicious meal it is. They usually have churros or lemon cupcakes with a café con leche, which is basically a latte.



5. Japan
The Japanese don’t really have a specific food for breakfast. It usually just consists of some steamed rice and a bunch of other ingredients on the side that you can mix and match, and the same foods would be suitable for any other meal of the day.

6. Sweden
Traditional Swedish breakfast usually features open sandwiches, eggs, or some cereal and fruits. Lots of Swedes also have porridge or muesli in the morning.



7. China
Chinese breakfasts are usually very filling and quite unusual for Europeans. The Chinese are no strangers to having fried rice or fried noodles with ham, pork and veggies for breakfast, but they can also have pancakes, congee or steamed stuffed buns. There’s a lot to choose from.

8. USA
These days most Americans just have cereal and a cup of coffee for breakfast, but if we’re talking about a traditional American breakfast there’s two options: savory and sweet. The savory one consists of eggs and bacon, and the sweet option is pancakes with syrup or fruits.



9. Thailand
In Thailand there is no strict distinctions or rules when it comes to what foods should be eaten at what time of day. You can start your day with a pork soup, or noodler or even fried chicken. You can even have a bit of everything at once.

10. Turkey
A Turkish breakfast usually consists of an omelette, some cheese, olives, bread and fruit. There’s a lot to choose from and you’re guaranteed a lot of nutrients in your first meal.



11. Brazil
Breakfast isn’t a big deal in Brazil. Most people here just have coffee and some toast or Pão de Queijo, which are bread balls filled with cheese. The word they use for breakfast is café de monhã, which literally means “morning coffee”, so it’s rarely a big meal for them. Instead they usually have a big lunch.

12. Morocco
A traditional Moroccan breakfast usually consists of coffee, orange juice, sweet pancakes with honey, some goat cheese, olives and fried eggs. Of course you don’t have to eat all of these things at once, but these are the usual choices you get.



13. Israel
A traditional Israeli breakfast dish is called shakshuka. It consists of eggs poached in tomato sauce with onions, cheese, chilli peppers with cumin and garnished with some parsley.

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