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Appropriate Attire For A Job Interview

Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewApplying for a job you have to make a great first impression on the employer. Consequently it’s a must to dress for success. If you have no clue what to wear to an interview, the most essential thing to remember is that you must look professional and business like. No matter what job you are applying for you should come in looking tidy, neat and well-dressed.



Would you dare to show up for an interview wearing shabby sneakers, boyfriend jeans or high heels? Would you choose wrinkled clothes or comfy sweatpants? Learn this now and never, ever forget it, such attire is a taboo when it comes to a job interview. Your wrong clothing choice can potentially cost you a job. So never underestimate your appearance, it really matters.



I strongly recommend that you dress your best, regardless of the dress code at the potential organization. In case you are in doubt about what attire to choose, it is best to check with the person who set up the interview. But never show up wearing a bold red skirt so tight and ‘mini’ that you would hardly sit down. And ladies, no cleavage that leaves little to the imagination. Human nature makes us perceive other people based on looks. So don’t expect to be hired wearing inappropriate apparel.



If you are still looking for inspiration with your interview attire, we’ve got some great tips to give you ideas of what to wear to an interview. So opt for any look that reflects your personality and go get it, girl.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewIt’s all about the company culture
If the company you are interviewing with has a suit dress-code, you have to dress accordingly. If you know that they prefer casual style, make sure that your brand-new outfit won’t be a distraction.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewToo fancy or too casual
A suit is not always a way out. If you show up wearing a suit when all the employees are wearing shorts and slides you’ll look like an alien. And vice versa, if you turn up wearing your fave printed tee to a company that wears classical attire, you’ll just confirm that you are in the wrong place.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewKeep it comfy
The key is to pick clothing that you feel really comfortable and look flawless in, while matching the dress-code of the company at the same time.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewAdd some color
You don’t have to be afraid of color. There is no need to wear only black or gray. Try to wear a block of color, it can be a shirt, blouse, dress or a scarf- consider it a perfect way to stand out.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewSuit
Suit separates perfectly go with pants, trousers, skirt and dress. Solid colors is the best option. Plaid, patterned fabrics are not interview appropriate.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewTops
A collared button-down or dressy blouse with a conservative neckline is something every woman has to have in her wardrobe. And don’t forget to tuck it into your skirt or whatever you choose as a bottom.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewShoes
Conservative low-heeled shoes like pumps or even flats won’t give the wrong impression. Make sure that you feel comfortable while walking in them. Don’t even consider shoes you would wear to a night club, they’ll definitely make you look inappropriate.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewAccessories
Don’t opt for flashy jewelry unless you want your employer to pay attention to your bling instead of your personality. Yet simple jewely or a nice watch won’t do any harm.




Appropriate Attire For A Job InterviewGrooming
Try to look natural and don’t overdo your makeup. Avoid heavy eyeliner and eye shadow as well as glitter or shimmer. A minimal natural look and neutral tones are always better. Make sure you have a neat clean haircut, the idea is to look well-groomed and professional, not to show what an exceptional genius your hair stylist is.



For those who are not inspired with these severe interview outfit rules, becoming a freelancer is a brilliant way out. You can’t but enjoy the opportunity to suit up in your best pajamas for the interview via internet. There will be no need to buy all new office-attire, considering that you’ll work from home. How cool is that?



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