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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Nail-Obsessed 》

From seductive, sky-high stiletto nails to a shortly cut, modest floral reimagining, there’s a manicure for everyone on this list that’s dying to be remixed in a DIY way for your next girls night. After all, practice makes perfect! Find your next look by following these must-see nail art accounts.



1. NYC nail artist Naomi Yasuda is at the forefront of creativity and innovation within the nail world. Editorially, she slays, and her ideas are the ultimate inspiration. She’s been recruited by famous brands like Kenzo and has been published in the pages of Vogue.



2. Mei Kawajiri’s aesthetic in her nail art is always striking – personally, we are obsessed with her Chanel collaboration for CR Fashion Book, and her international women’s day manicuring that, featured “WOMAN” boldly spelt out against a red back drop. She’s worked on stars like Gigi Hadid and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

3. Indigo Nails has a range of modest and dramatic manicures that we can draw endless inspiration from. Spring is coming up, and their pretty pastel and ombre looks are at the top of our to-do list.



4. We love the variety of shots on Valley NYC’s Insta. The aesthetics have a dynamic range, as opposed to the same stale manicure angle that’s been done over and over again. That’s what makes them more than just a manicure account – it’s art!

5. Ashley Crowe, aka Astrowifey, is the queen of upscale shellac nail art. Whether it’s Swarovski crystals, a glitter shin, or a geometric wonder, there’s options for a range of looks, including casual, a night out, or a workplace-appropriate style.



6. The meticulous level of detail put into these manicures is seriously impressive, and the colorways are sometimes unlikely but always work. Take the cobalt and plaid manicure, for instance – it shouldn’t work, but it does! We don’t know how this salon comes up with their original designs, but Cardi B is a client, so they’re doing something right!

7. Madeline Pool is a nail artist from Baltimore who is now in the East Village, and her style, from hair to fashion, translates to her gorgeous manicures with ease. She takes on unique designs like an imitation of a dart frog’s skin. One of her personal favorite looks is matte metallic, and they’re growing on us as well.

8. These guys are giving us serious nail envy right now. The light pink quartz marble look, one of the more recent ones on their IG, is making our heart beat faster, and their takes on marble and floral are just as distinct. This brand manage to merge high fashion and playfulness, making editorial looks just a bit more approachable.



9. Alicia Torello is an editorial manicurist, and the sense of art that her work evokes is undeniable proof of that. From candy cane stripe borders that leave the center of the nail naked, to smart color-blocking, this artist considers all things aesthetic before embarking on a design. She’s the queen of minimalism with striking accents, and we are obsessed with it!

10. Annabel is a nail tech designer with a strong aesthetic – if you’re not a fan of delicate, floral things, this page might not be up your alley, but even anti-girly girls will be enamoured by these looks .They’re mostly on short nails instead of unrealistic stiletto nails, but make up for it in their flowery feminine designs.

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