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10 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful Woman 》

Everyone dreams of being successful, but few people actually put in the work to achieve success. It’s not something that happens overnight. You can’t just daydream about being starting a business, looking great or whatever it is you want, then go to bed and expect to wake up successful. You have to put in the work. And if you think that sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to be. In fact there’s a few small changes you can incorporate into your daily life, and each day you’ll be closer to your goal. But what’s even more important – there are some things you have to stop doing, certain habits and mindsets you just have to let go off and never look back. Here’s what they are:



1. Short Term Mindset
Nobody wants to just be successful for a month, it’s a life goal. So in order to achieve it, you have to think long term, and make changes that you’ll stick with forever. So give up that short term mindset and aim for lifelong success.



2. Excuses
There’s no place for excuses if success is what you’re aiming for. You’re responsible for your own success, so you have to really think about the choices you make and the amount of effort you put in. Excuses will only slow you down.

3. Unhealthy Lifestyle
This is the basis for success. You know, healthy body – healthy mind. Start eating a healthy diet and find the type of exercise you like, because as a successful woman you’re going to need this in your life.



4. Multitasking
You might think multitasking is essential to being a successful woman, but it’s much better ot do one thing at a time. Think about it this way – you can’t really do a lot of things at once and do all of them well. You’ll just spread yourself too thin and halfass everything. Do one task at a time and do your best.

5. Saying Yes To Everything
You have to stop saying yes to every single thing that comes your way. Set yourself a goal and work towards it. Sure, say yes to opportunities that will bring you closer to achieving it, but if it’s something random that isn’t in line with your goal – politely decline.



6. Perfectionism
A lot of people pride themselves on being a perfectionist, and while there’s nothing really wrong with it, this sort of mindset brings way too much stress into your life. Nothing and no one is perfect, nor will they ever be. So once you accept it, life becomes much easier, there’s less pressure and it’s not as scary to try new things.

7. The Need To Be Liked
Trying to please everyone is pointless. There will always be people who don’t like you or don’t like what you do. It’s ok. As long as you like what you’re doing, and you’re being your true authentic self – you’ll find people who will like you and support you and what you’re doing.

8. The Need To Control Everything
Being in control and trying to control everything are two different things. And the first one is much more important than the second. Sometimes you really can’t control everything and that’s ok. Not everything is up to you. There’s no need to be frustrated about it. Just accept it and move on.



9. Toxic People
Some people are just toxic, and all they do is bring you down. They make you feel like a failure, like you’re not good enough, like being a successful woman is just not something that you can do. Cut those people out. There’s no place for them in your life.

10. TV and Social Media
Unless you’re attempting to become a TV star or a social media influencer – stop wasting your time on these things. It’s a bad habit we all have. We think we’ll just quickly check Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/Youtube and the next thing we know the internet took us and we emerge from it 6 hours later thinking “where did the day go?”

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