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11 Foods To Eat To Stay Fuller For Longer 》

Ever feel like your stomach is an endless black hole, even right after you’ve eaten lunch? Well, it’s probably due to what you’re eating. These foods will help keep that growling tummy satiated for longer, making them the ultimate slimming foods. Ditch your blood-sugar spiking snacks for these more wholesome, equally tasty options.



1. Oatmeal
Ditch the Lucky Charms for breakfast and go for rolled oats instead, which contain 5 grams of fiber per servings. Oatmeal helps your body naturally increase cholecystokinin, which is an appetite-regulating hormone!



2. Greek Yogurt
That Dannon vanilla cup you thought was so virtuous to have for breakfast has nearly as much sugar as a soda. Opt for low-fat or non-fat Greek yogurt which hits you with double protein, and way less sugar, ultimately normalizing your blood sugar.

3. Avocado
Any excuse to eat avocado toast? Avocados are packed with healthy monounsaturated fats (the best kind) and that’s good news to us, because poached eggs with avocado every morning sounds like heaven, TBH.



4. Nuts
Almonds are the best, but most nuts will help curb your appetite, hence serving as the perfect on-the-go or between meals snack. Studies showed that women who consumed peanut butter felt fuller for up to 12 hours more than those who didn’t! Their high content of protein, healthy fats, and fiber help slow digestion.

5. Apple
Another amazing snack option filled tons of with fiber and water to leave you feeling full. But don’t juice it! That takes out all the nutrients, and leaves just the sugar. Apples also contain pectin, which prevents blood sugar from spiking. Vital!



6. Flax Seeds
Flax seeds are filled with omega-3s, which suppress your appetite. They’re also filled with fiber. Flax also contains omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to increase the amount of cholecystokinin in the body.

7. Eggs
These guys are high in protein, an can help control appetite for up to 36 hours! Wow! Eggs for breakfast will make having a salad for dinner much easier. Studies show it’s helped people eat almost 450 calories less!



8. Broccoli
Every child’s least favorite vegetable. But if you’re looking to stay slim and full, broccoli is your best friend. It’s filled with vitamins C, E, and A, fiber, and phytochemicals which detoxify your system and fight inflammation! Goodbye bloating.

9. Chickpeas
Beans are the best for suppressing your appetite and according to studies, research indicates that chickpeas decrease your cravings for processed snacks, so if you’re looking for a lifestyle change, start with these.



10. Whole Wheat Bread
When building your sandwiches, always opt for whole wheat! Whole grains keep you fuller for longer and give you steady energy while white flour will just make you crash. But you can avoid energy spikes with brown bread.

11. Artichoke
If you’ve never tried grilled artichokes before, this article should prompt you too, because they’re filled with nutritious goodness as well! They contain high levels of a prebiotic called inulin, which keeps your belly bacteria nice and balanced. Having a strong healthy bacteria presence in your stomach keeps your hunger hormones under control, making artichokes a win for staying satiated.

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