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8 Tips On How To Do A Perfect Natural Makeup 》

Makeup trends come and go, but there’s one thing that’ll stay relevant no matter what – the natural look. Some of you may already rock glowy skin, thick lashes and that cute blush that just makes a guy’s heart melt, but apart from those lucky few, we, ladies, need to learn how to do a few makeup tricks to enhance what we already have. That’s the best thing about natural makeup – you don’t really need to go all the way creating your face from scratch, just figure out your strongest points and make them truly stand out! The ‘no-makeup’ makeup may sound like a piece of cake, but it is often harder to achieve this look than anything else. That’s why we’ve gathered a few essential tips that will help you create a perfect-looking natural makeup. It’s as easy as ABC!



Prep your skin
Creating any kind of makeup starts with a considerable amount of prep. Wash your face, clean and moisturize your skin, use some tonic, and don’t forget about that beauty sleep that helps your skin regenerate. Skin cells are mostly made of water, so make sure you drink enough of it – without water your skin will look and feel dry!



Tread lightly
Natural makeup requires your skin to look as effortless as possible. You should skip the heavy base and use some BB cream or a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone. Try ditching your makeup brush arsenal and apply makeup with a sponge or just your fingers. But if you do want to apply foundation, use a fluffy brush and lightly swirl the foundation onto your skin.

Fake your natural blush
So many things can go wrong with blush, but once you figure out your skin tone and the ideal blush that complements it naturally, you’re all set. As a rule fair skin tones go well with powder pinks, medium skin benefits from peachy pinks, and brownish pinks complement darker skin tones very well. Make sure you apply blush on the right spots – chin, forehead, cheeks. Avoid shimmery and sparkly makeup for a more natural look.

Use concealer wisely
Make your eyes look well-rested by applying the concealer in the inner corner of your eye, on the eyelid, and a little bit right under your brow. It is also a good idea to line and blend the outer edges of your lips to accentuate them and prevent your lipstick from bleeding. Applied to the eyelids, concealer will also prevent your eyeshadow from falling down.



Don’t forget the highlighter
Just like concealer, highlighter can become a powerful tool in creating a natural no-makeup look. Highlighters are used to add that healthy glow to your skin that really makes all the difference. Just apply a little bit of highlighter to several spots for a subtle effect. Accentuate the bridge of your nose and cheekbones, and you’re good to go!

Emphasize your eyes
It’s time to ditch that black mascara of yours and go for a subtler brown mascara with a lengthening effect. Add more oomph to your look by curling your lashes. What we want to do here is emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes, not create drama. That’s why you should opt for eyeshadow that’s just a bit darker than your natural skin colour. Cream eyeshadows always look more natural than powder ones.

Nude lips
Your ‘no-makeup’ look wouldn’t be complete without neat-looking polished lips. You can simply use lip-gloss that is a little bit brighter and more vibrant than your natural lip colour, or create a plump lip effect. Use a bit of foundation and highlight to make your lips look fuller, then blend, create an outline, and cover it all with lip gloss.

Forget the eyeliner
Eyeliner is good for creating dramatic makeup, but you should forget all about it if you want to go for a natural look. With that tiny bit of brown mascara and nude eyeshadow your eyes will stand out well enough. Taking off makeup will also become a whole lot easier!

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