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2 Market or Shopping Mall

Eternal question – where are all the good guys? It may seem to you that there are no men left, or if this rare species does exist they are hiding so well you can’t find them. You meet perverts and dummies, but still believe there is your Mr. Right somewhere, you just need to know where to look for him. Warning – I am a bit conservative in terms of relationships, so I am not going to tell you about online dating sites here. Let’s go off line and try to find your guy out there. At least, we will know he is real, not another Internet freak with fake photos.



Market or Shopping Mall2 Market or Shopping Mall
Pros: You can check out his shopping cart and make conclusions about him. What is he going to buy? Let’s see…Beer and chips… not your kind of man. Beef? Come on, you are a vegetarian. Chocolates and chewing gum? What is he, 16? Washing powder? Maybe it’s not all that bad.
Another pro is that you can easily find a topic for conversation with a stranger – ask him to help you find anything, chat about cheeses, make some jokes about your coffee addiction – and that’s it. Simple and effective.


Cons: When you go shopping you are concentrated on shopping, so is he. Both of you may not have time for a pleasant conversation or flirt. There are a lot of people around. And usually you don’t look your best when going to buy some de-fatted yogurt around the corner.

Bookstore3 Bookstore
Pros: He reads books! That’s good news already. Even better if you read the same books. That will mean not only you will always have something to talk about, but that you can be real soul mates. Start a conversation about Kafka’s symbolism – and you’ll end up in a coffee shop or even in your or his apartment… showing the library of rare publications, of course.


Cons: Guys do not usually come to book stores for the purpose of flirting. He may appear either a really introverted book worm with a weird sense of humor or… he may be just choosing a book for his girlfriend. What’s more – men are really practical today, and they get e-books instead of wasting time in book stores. So, chances are you will wait for your Mr. Right for a long time.

Office4 Office
Pros: Office romance can be really sweet. You have a lot of topics to share, you work in the same sphere and with the same people – so it is a key to understanding. You have some corporate jokes already to break the ice. Plus you spend all day at work, so if you have no time for your private life – why not get it in the office? You have time to watch a guy in different situations – is he Stress Resistant? Ambitious? Tolerant? Reliable? It takes a lot of time to learn about these features outside of work. So, office relationships give you a huge bonus right away.


Cons: Work affairs are sometimes (often) forbidden by corporate policy. Second, if anything goes wrong you will still work together and you will not be able to avoid awkward situations. It may also influence your objectivity when it comes to work tasks and decisions – which is an absolute no no. And the last – gossip will fly! Office gossip spreads quickly and will chase you everywhere.

Workshops5 Workshops
Pros: You can combine pleasure with use and go to some workshops. No matter if it’s some cooking classes or workshop in management – you will be able to learn something new and meet a guy who is interested in the same things. Again – you already have something in common and can talk about your workshop and other interests with a cup of coffee.

Cons: Workshops and classes are always meant to teach you something. So you will not be able to show your strong sides and boast of your knowledge. When you learn something new you should be ready for awkward situations and mistakes. You will not feel completely calm and confident. That scenario stands the chance of ruining the first impression. What’s more, there are usually other people around, who will distract you and break your and his concentration.

Cinema6 Cinema
Pros: To start with – you chose the same movie, it’s a good sign already. Next – he is in the movie alone or with friends, which increases chances that he is single. Watching a movie in the cinema somehow unites people – you laugh together, get scared together, share the same emotions. So it will seem natural if you offer to discuss the movie or suggest to go together next time.


Cons: Cinema is usually dark and loud. You are not able to talk during the movie or to watch his behavior. So you should rely on your intuition and first sight only. It also depends on the genre – some movies are just not created for the flirt afterwards.

Subway7 Subway
Pros: Usually people are bored on public transport and don’t mind a light conversation that can end up with a date. Usually there are a lot of ways to start a conversation in a subway – you can start with a joke or ask for directions. The subway is a good indicator of social behavior – is your guy polite enough? Is it easy to irritate him? Does he read in the subway or plays one of those stupid mobile games? Did he offer his seat to an old woman?


Cons: Public transport is a tricky place to meet a guy. You can come across one of those freaks who use subway only to flirt with attractive girls. Or you may be considered one of them if you start a conversation. It also depends on the time of a day. It’s doubtful that people are ready for conversation at 7 am on the way to work.

Friend’s Wedding

Pros: At a wedding most of single people think about serious relationships, because that just looks so cute and the newly-weds look so happy. So men just look around and start to notice the girls – who are also single. Also people at a wedding tend to get a bit drunk, and what’s more – they are also friends of bride or groom. So you are at the party, in the beautiful surroundings, having fun, dancing – seems like a perfect place to strike up new relationships. If you are lucky – then the bride has already taken care of you and you are seated at the same table as Mr. Right.


Cons: Practically no huge risks, except that the whole attention is paid to the just married couple and that some unplanned things may come up. Like other girls who also want to get your Mr. Right’s attention. Relatives and friends who may interfere in your conversation. Eventually, you can be too drunk, or too tired, or your shoes are too tight and you dream to take them off and just go to bed.

Gym9 Gym
Pros: Both of you like sports and probably have fit bodies (you can check out his muscles while he works out). You can ask him to help you with your exercises and he will be just glad to do it for you. You can also show your best sides wearing tight leggings and tops during work out. Guys usually like the girls who work on their bodies and lead a healthy lifestyle, so you already get extra points for that.


Cons: In case you don’t like brutal men sweating over weights – this place is not for you. To be even more honest – if you are looking for a sophisticated intellectual with a sarcastic sense of humor and a feeling of style – this place is not for you. Here you are more likely to meet a good, straightforward guy, who is hardworking, likes sports, probably doesn’t smoke or drink too much and cultivates his body. By the way he may be too in love with himself and his muscles. And obsessed with workouts.



The best thing about life is that you never know where you may find your love. It may be the weirdest place of all – so it is better to always be ready and never miss your chances for happiness. Good luck!

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