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Find out how creepy are you based on your Zodiac sign!



1. Aries
You can’t stop thinking about death. Weather it’s worrying about all the ways you can die on your way to work, or just casually wondering about what’s it like to die. You just can’t help yourself. You’re fascinated by death. Your friends aren’t if they should put you on suicide watch or worry about you becoming a serial killer one day.



2. Taurus
Thank god for social media, because if you couldn’t stalk people online you’d do it in real life. You’re a master when it comes to finding out absolutely everything you can about a person online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you’ll find it all and utilize it to the max. Good news if you want to be a private detective, but bad news for your ex.

3. Gemini
You’re a very convincing liar. You can lie your way out of any situation and you’ll do it with style and grace unimaginable to others. While it’s a useful skill, be careful, because you’re basically on your way to becoming a pathological liar.



4. Cancer
So you know how people have hobbies and pastimes? You have obsessions. It’s lucky if the thing you obsess over is a thing, it’s worse when it’s a person though. You get so obsessive with your romantic interests that you lose yourself and they become the only thing that matters in your life. And if things go south you get downright terrifying.

5. Leo
Occasionally you like to fantasize about your own funeral. What would the ceremony be like, who would come to pay their respects, who would get the most emotional and cry ugly tears at your perfectly dressed corpse in the open casket. Yeah, you’re one creepy gal.



6. Virgo
You keep up a sweet facade, so people won’t be able to tell just by looking at you, but you’re one kinky lady. The twisted sex fantasies you have would definitely raise some eyebrows if you were to tell anyone about them. Then again, we all have our freaky fetishes.

7. Libra
You’re fascinated by some pretty disturbing stuff. If people saw your search history they’d be seriously concerned, and, possibly scarred for life. You’re no stranger to the darkest, creepiest parts of the internet. You probably use incognito mode for your research, otherwise you’re definitely on some FBI watch list.



8. Scorpio
You have some pretty creepy thoughts on a regular basis. And by creepy we mean pretty violent. You’d be petting a cat and think “it’s so small and fragile, I could just crush its head with one hand”. Or you’ll in your car at a red light, letting people cross the road and think “I could just keep going and run these people over, smash them into the road”. You don’t do any of those things, but you think about them all the time.

9. Sagittarius
You feel pretty indifferent about a lot of things. Emotions are just not your forte. If someone told you that a relative of yours died in a violent accident you’re not sure you’d care. You’re pretty sure you wouldn’t cry at funerals. You do wonder sometimes weather feeling this numb is normal or if there’s something wrong with you.



10. Capricorn
You like planning out how to murder your friends and family members. Not that you want to kill them, no it’s more about the strategy of it all and how to fool the police, make the crime scene look a certain way and get away with each of those crimes. Basically you’re pretty sure you’d be able to outsmart any detective and get away with murder if you needed to.

11. Aquarius
You plan out eulogies for each of your family members and closest friends. It’s not like they’re about to drop dead at any moment, but you like to be prepared, just in case. It’s like a little creative exercise for your brain. Some people solve Rubik’s cubes – you write pretend eulogies.



12. Pisces
You’re a daydreamer, but not a regular one. Most people fantasize about what they’ll have for dinner, what they’d rather do instead of being at work, or how they’d like to spend their dream date with Ryan Gosling. You, on the other hand, daydream about terrifying things like what would you do in case of a terrorist attack or a bank robbery. You’re pretty sure you’d make a great hero and Bruce Willis would be proud of you.

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