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Sunflower Wedding- 10 Awesome Tips

Sunflower Wedding- 10 Awesome TipsEvery girl wants her wedding to be unique. The sunflower wedding is a great idea for people who want to impress their guests and to make a great photo session that creates an enduring memory. Such a wedding will look fresh and sunny. Sunflower blooms can be seen throughout much of summer and fall, so choose the date during this season. Take a look at the most interesting ideas for a bright wedding.



1. The Bride’s Bouquet1. The Bride's BouquetIt can be a simple sunflower bouquet, just 5-7 sunflowers. If you want something more interesting, you can add other flowers and decorations: lush greenery, peonies, small roses, feathers, ribbons etc. You can make a bouquet on your own, it’s simple.



2. Table Decorations2. Table DecorationsThere is only one condition: sunflowers everywhere! No, it’s not too much. These flowers will create a cheerful atmosphere. Sunflowers are perfect for an outdoor wedding. Put them in little vases (or just bottles) and place on every table along with candles, you can choose yellow ones.



3. Wedding Arch3. Wedding ArchA wedding arch can be built with natural wood, it’ll be perfect for a sunflower wedding. You will get a ‘nature’ look. It can be a ‘farm’ wedding. Make an arch with an old logging tool and decorate with sunflowers. A great idea for a budget wedding.



4. A wedding dress4. A wedding dressThere is no need to wear a yellow dress or buy a sunflower print dress. It’ll be too much. You need to add just a little detail connected with these flowers. Small floral headbands will fit great and the bride will look tender.



4. A wedding dress 2Choose pretty yellow heels or grab a pair of Converse shoes. Be more creative! If you want something simple – put a sunflower on a dress and that’s all.



5. Groom Style5. Groom StyleA small sunflower on his suit will look perfect. Another idea to improve his look is a yellow tie or bow-tie. Yellow shoes will be great too.



6. Presents for guests6. Presents for guestsYou can make a great surprise for your guests after a wedding and thank them in this way. Just give every guest a packet of sunflower seeds and ask to plant their own summery blooms at home. They will remember your wedding for a long time. Such a present is a good memory.



7. A cake7. A cake 1Of course the cake should be with sunflowers for this kind of a wedding. If you prefer something more simple – you can order just a nice yellow cake.



7. A cake 2Cupcakes are a good alternative for a wedding cake. This dessert is really popular now.



8. Invitations8. Invitations 1You can put a little sunflower on every invitation.



8. Invitations 2Or choose a drawn variant



8. Invitations 3How about cookies invitations?



9. Decorations9. DecorationsMake a real flower wedding, put sunflowers everywhere they can look beautiful. Wood and hay will be great as decorations.



10. Photos10. Photos 1The last and maybe the most important reason to choose a sunflower wedding. You will be a couple with the most unbelievable photo session in a sunflower field. Take a look at these photos and no doubt, you’ll think seriously about this kind of wedding.

10. Photos 2

10. Photos 3



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