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The Avo-Latte – Coffee Served In Avocado Shells! Would You Try It? 》

Apparently, the invention of the avo-latte is thanks to Australian millionaire Tim Gurner, who said millennials couldn’t afford to buy a home should stop wasting money on expensive coffee and avocado toast. Rude. And obvious bait for said facilitators of that fancy coffee and avocado toast!



So after that, Australia’s own Truman Cafe decided to respond in a cheeky way by selling a new item: lattes poured into half of an empty avocado shell. Kids these days!



And apparently even though it was spawned as a joke, it turned into a serious thing, and now all of social media hates them. People are seriously upset about it, and it’s been filed under the “Whitest Things Ever” category, with all of its irony lost, alas.



We wonder how the Truman Cafe feels now that people actually want this and it’s a trend – a joke put them on the map, and we’re not sure if they hate themselves or are glad for the business. Would you try this perilous balancing act of a beverage? At least the shell is biodegradable.



But the flavor, we’re not so sure. Have had avocado milkshakes, and seen Kourtney Kardashian’s weird avocado mousse thing that she calls “delicious” but having an intense avocado aftertaste with our espresso? No thx.



And how does one drink this? Definitely not on a bus or anything other than a totally still location where you can precariously move it towards your face at the speed of an old woman crossing the street, and preferably with a bib. Nah, way too much messy in this equation.



Well, Melbourne does love its coffee and its avocados, so it’s not really a surprise that this ended up being a real crowd-pleaser. We’re not sure how ‘grammable it is, though – you’d probably spill it on yourself before it got that far. Gotta catch it mid-pour, like this!



This is definitely not your grandma’s food trend. Avocados are already dangerous given the recent, extremely stupid hazard of “avocado hand”, where one doesn’t know how to cut an avocado properly and it results in a bloody hand injury. And now second-degree burns that are avocado related? It’s gone too far! Let’s stick to paper cups.

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