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Turn Your Eyebrows Into Christmas Trees For The Festive Season 》

Ever since filling in brows became a must, it seems like every year there’s a different trend for eyebrows. We all remember these trends, thick and thin, feathery, glittery, there was even an attempt to make Santa hats eyebrows a thing. Oh and let’s not forget bauble brows too. The point we’re trying to make here is that we’ve been through a lot of brow trends, especially this year, but this one might top them all. Just in time for Christmas Canadian Youtuber and model Taylor R, who goes by stay_xx on Instagram came up with a special treat for us all – Christmas tree brows! Spread the Christmas joy via your face. It might’ve been a cheeky joke on her side, but her followers took her up on it and started copying her look or doing their own version of it and posting it on Instagram. Keep scrolling to see the hilariously festive results.



1. This is Taylor herself, and her festive creation – the Christmas brows.



2. And this looks like one of the first attempts by other people.



3. A very impressive copy, don’t you think?

4. Love how this girl is even wearing a red sweater like Taylor, and her hands are in a similar position.



5. Perhaps this girl tried it with one brow and decided this was enough. Still counts, right?



6. This is by far the most impressive Christmas eyebrows we’ve seen. Not only does her brow have a star at the top and colorful gems for baubles, but it also has some fairy lights too. Dangerous? Perhaps. But the effect is incredible.

7. Loving the edition of green eyebrow mascara, or perhaps it’s just green eye shadow. We don’t know what it is, but it sure makes her brows stand out even more and look more like little Christmas trees.



8. This girl went all out. Green brows, gold stars, red sweater and even a real Christmas tree in the background.



9. Nicely done. If it wasn’t for the big gold stars we’d say it’s a pretty wearable version.

10. This is kinda funny, cause her brows aren’t even all green. Some bits are yellow. Is it a dying Christmas tree? You know, one that’s been left in the house for too long?



11. Does this look like big bushy Christmas trees to you or massive furry caterpillars that are trying to embrace the Christmas spirit?

12. Finally a man joins this Christmas tree brows party.



13. Again, loving the red sweater look. Are these people attempting to copy Taylor’s look to the T or is this a coincidence because everyone is in a Christmas mood?



14. A lovely, minimalistic version of Christmas tree brows, with just one color. Amazing!

15. Really impressed with this unique look. White hair, one brow as a Christmas tree, the other just decorated with some Christmas lights. Incredible!



16. And here’s a new little sneak peak from Taylor. Christmas nose hair extensions that look like you shoved tiny Christmas trees up your nose.

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