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Wedding Trend Mistakes You Should Not Fall For In 2017 》

Here’s the thing, everyone wants their wedding to be the best wedding ever. You want to look the prettiest, your location and decorations to be the most beautiful, your dress – the most stylish, your food the most delicious and your guests and friends to have the most fun. But if you’ve been planning your wedding for a couple of years, or went to Pinterest for ideas, there’s a chance you might fall for wedding trends that are on their way out. And no one wants their wedding to be remembered as “so last year”. So we’ve come up with a couple of pointers in terms of things you really should avoid when planning a wedding in order for it to stand the test of time.



1. Rustic Theme
It seems like every single wedding that took place last year can went for that rustic theme. It become popular because of it’s charming DIY feel, and while there’s nothing wrong with it, the amount of times it’s been done has made it cliche and kind of boring. The predictions for 2017 wedding themes are leaning towards more elegant mountain weddings.



2. Named Drinks
Naming cocktails after the bride and groom isn’t just last year, it’s like last decade. Who even came up with this ridiculous concept? Why do you need a Jamestini or a Jenniferita? Don’t even go there, just serve gorgeous looking, delicious tasting cocktails. You can look up some seasonal ones, or you can just serve a selection of your favourites, but call them what they are.



3. Family Style Table Setting
I get it, family style settings are easier and feel way more cosy and homy. But it’s time to put that idea to rest. Why would you want all of your food to be on the table at once, in huge dishes that take up lots of space. It’s much better to have a selection of snacks, a bar, have a chef create a menu for you, and have people served with unique dishes. It’ll cost you more, but trust me, it’s worth it.



4. Formal Meals
Speaking of food. Catering and chef made meals don’t have to be overly formal if you don’t want them to be. You can always serve old school, familiar foods served in a new way. Perhaps you can have a variation of mac and cheese served up in little bowls, or have some fried chicken on the snack table. Have cheese platters and fruit salads, why not? All of this can still look elegant and be delicious. You don’t have to serve snails or fuagra for it to look fancy.



5. Bridesmaids Mayhem
Too many girls think that they have to include every single friend of theirs in the wedding, which leads to ridiculous wedding with 10 bridesmaids and silly photoshoots where 10 girls are wearing the exact same dress. Why? You really only need one or two, you know, just your best friends. Just inviting the rest to your wedding is enough.

6. Table Garlands
Table garlands are a good idea in theory. In practice however it’s just a lazy table decoration that doesn’t really look that great. Have you noticed that on most of those pictures on Pinterest you only see the garland either hanging off the table, or it’s a view from far away, and you only see the end of the table clearly? Yeah, that’s cause it only looks good from that point of view. However when you’re sitting at that table it just looks strange. You’re better off having a couple of flour arrangements on the table, or perhaps a few vases, or even a bunch of glass bottles with flowers in them.



7. Huge Bridal Bouquet
Huge bridal bouquets are ridiculous. I swear they were invented for photo shoots and nothing else. Yeah, it might look kinda cool in your wedding photo album, but it’s absolutely impractical. The bride should be able to carry her bouquet with ease, plus there’s that bit of the wedding where she’s meant to throw the bouquet. Unless you’re a powerlifter, I doubt throwing the huge bouquet is feasible. It’s just too messy and too extra. Just get a small one, yeah?



8. Flower Crowns
I strongly believe that flower crowns belong on little 5 year old girls or people at Coachella. There’s no in-between. They’ve not only gone mainstream, they’re just redundant now. So unless you’re having a Coachella themed wedding, or your wedding is actually taking place at Coachella – skip the flowercrown.



9. Geode Everything
Maybe you’ve seen pictures of geode cakes and thought they were unique and beautiful, but let me tell you something – they’re not. They’re tacky AF. Why would you need weird looking crystals everywhere? It’s a wedding, not a fortune reading session. So forget about geode cakes, garlands, candles, menus, place holder and basically anything geode inspired.

10. Chalkboards Signs
Speaking of decor, it’s time to put a stop to chalkboard signs. It was cute for a hot minute, but it’s time to move on. Do you really need a chalkboard sign saying your names and “just married”? Do you really want that picture in your photoshoot? Literally hundreds of people have done it already. Be original.



11. Bohemian Naked Cakes
For the love of god, don’t get a bohemian naked cake for your wedding. They’re not that great it terms of taste, they’re everywhere and while your guests will probably want to take pictures of it, they won’t actually want to eat it. Get something good, with lots of chocolate and fruits or something. You know, cakes should taste good.



12. Converse and Cowboy Boots
I feel like the idea of wearing converse shoes or cowboy boots with your wedding dress or suit is something that originated in a movie, and then people decided they want to bring that into the real life. I can understand not wanting to wear heels, I can see how converse can tone everything down a bit, but it’s not the only way to go. There are so many different shoes you could wear to your wedding that would be just as charming and definitely more surprising. It’s a great opportunity to express your personality and add a twist to an outfit.



13. Food Trucks
Ok, so if you’re planning your wedding for this summer, you can still have a food truck. It’s not such a bad idea. After all it’s all the rage right now. But if you just got engaged and your wedding isn’t until next summer or even later, don’t bother. By then it’s going to be way too “been there, done that”. These wedding trends have a very short lifespan before they become obsolete.

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