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2 Brush teeth together

When you are crazy in love you get into the world of two – just you and your boyfriend/girlfriend – which nobody else understands. You feel like your in a bubble – seeing everything else around – but somehow isolated on your own imaginary planet. With your loved one, you are different – you may talk weird, behave weird, do crazy stuff together. Though each couple is unique, there are little cute things that each couple will probably have tried together. The following things may look or sound weird but if you do them you may be sure – you are a real couple now!


2 Brush teeth togetherEverybody is used to the fact that people in relationships can share a bathroom with no trouble. They take showers together even without having sex while in this moist environment. But brushing teeth is different. You know it’s love when you can fill your mouth with that white minty thing, brush your teeth, talk strangely during the process and spit – all in front of another person. Brushing your teeth together takes real intimacy to a new level. It also means that you’ve spent the night with a person and can start a new day together. Or if you are brushing teeth in the evening it means you are going to have some cozy time and fall sleep after cuddling.

  • Try on each other’s clothes.

3 Try on each other's clothesWhen a girl wears her boyfriend’s shirt – it’s sexy. When a guy puts on girlfriend’s blouse or heels – it’s funny. Either way, it’s not a waste of time. It’s kind of pleasant to see someone you love wearing your clothes and feeling comfortable, though looking absolutely weird. Other reasons couples like to exchange clothes – sharing, I suppose. You want to share everything – from your impressions and views to your jeans and food. By the way, speaking about food…

  • Eating from each other’s plates

4 Eating from each other’s platesThe food on your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s plate tastes better. Always. So some couples even order one plate for two, knowing that they will definitely share. It is not that people in love can’t eat independently. It’s just every bite eaten together is more awesome.

  • Call each other nicknames

5 Call each other nicknamesThough you may deny it and avoid it – the nickname will arrive, sooner or later. So you’d better choose if you’d rather be a Juicy Popper or a Honey Bun of Cuddle Muffin. Yes, it doesn’t have to be that weird, and connected with pets. Sometimes couples are really original inventing nicknames for each other. Though they may sound weird but that’s how people in love show that they really know each other, and share something intimate, sweet and tender. Something only they understand.

  • Have jokes that only they understand

6 Have jokes that only they understandYou live through different moments, talk a lot and start to share memories. That’s when jokes arrive. Because you make them up alone – naturally they are funny for you two, and absolutely weird for everyone else. Something that you recall can trigger this funny situation. Even a word may make you look at each other weirdly and burst with laughter. That may seem annoying for the people around, who don’t know what it’s all about. But you don’t want to explain. You want to keep your jokes for yourself, weirdos!



7 Wear matching clothesYou don’t want to look like twins, of course, and you are not one of those couples shopping for the matching T-Shirts on purpose. But honestly sometimes it is inevitable. You just don’t know how it happens but each of you chooses the yellow T-shirt from your wardrobes, and you put them on with jeans and choose to wear sneakers (because the pairs of sneakers you bought when shopping together are the best shoes ever). Though it may look a bit funny – wearing those matching clothes but here is the bright side: it means you have the same sense of style, and you will be a great team, not only when it comes to the choice of clothes.

8 Take weird selfiesTaking selfies alone is boring. Taking selfies together is much more fun and doesn’t look so stupid (when you start doing those weird faces on a camera). Having selfies together reminds couples of great moments they spent together. And when you are in love you want to memorize each moment. You will laugh at those hundreds of wasted shots later, but after all – those are really you, smiling and going crazy together.

Don’t be afraid to look weird as a couple. If you are lucky enough to find and fall in love with the same freak as you are, forget about everyone, be happy and enjoy the moments together.

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